Galina Earth

About me

I am a holistic Mentor and a Channel for energetic activations, that help people to expand their consciousness and connect with their true nature. This is my passion, and it became my life.

I have practiced energy work and have explored evolution of consciousness in practice for 18 years.

My primary focus today is expanding of Consciousness and Mastering of Conscious Leadership through Integrated Spirituality – in our personal life and in business.

I have worked with differens’ depths of trauma release. I´ve learned that we are on an evolutionary journey, which includes changing our self-image, our values and identity, as we unfold our true potential.
It also changes our biology and energetic system. And that it is part of the natural development process.

We are energy and we are frequency. When we align with our higher selves and our higher frequencies, we begin to unfold our energetic systems, activate brain functions, and harmonize biological processes in the body in a conscious and natural way. It also changes our chemistry.

I guide people through, activate and support all these processes. And I can show people how to listen to their inner voice and navigate from that power within.

In my work I´m connected to the collective field of consciousness, and the energetic field of earth, because everything is interconnected. And we are on an evolutionary journey of raising of consciousness on earth right now.