Divine BioHacking Training – Embody your Divine Nature & optimize your biological system

As humans, we navigate in life through settings based on our past experiences. They are located as codes and information and is unconsciously expressed through our behavior and our body.

We are energy and we are frequency. When we align with our Higher Self and higher frequencies, we connect our Sacral Codes of Life. These codes can transform our biology.

I invite you on a journey of activations. Trough deeper connection to our Higher Consciousness we will unfold our energetic systems, activate our brain functions, and harmonize biological processes in the body in a natural way. It will also change our chemistry.

When we expand our consciousness, we step out of limitations. We join our evolutionary journey, where we change our self-images, our values and old identity. And we unfold our true potential.

What will you receive?

5 weeks of deep transformational journey.

We meet online, once a week for receiving energetic activations, which continues to work in you until our next meeting. You will be introduced to exercises that you can practice to anchor and deepen the effect of these activations.

Step 1. Activation of Higher consciousness and alignment of your biological system with your Sacral Codes of Life
Step 2. Optimizing your biological system – cells rejuvenation and regeneration
Step 3. Harmonization of the nervous system and optimization of brain functions. Activation of the Pineal Gland and Unfolding of Consciousness
Step 4. Optimization of chemical composition in biological systems and body functions
Step 5. Alignment with your Higher Consciousness on all levels. Opening to your inner guidance and navigation from within

We will meet:

30/10 – 6/11 – 13/11 – 20/11 – 27/11 2023 at 7pm CET

Duration: 1,5 hour per meeting

Investment in your transformation: 2,500 EUR
+ dedication to your transformation process and practice in between our meetings

Divine BioHacking Training

Embody your Divine Nature & optimize your biological system. 5 weeks of deep transformational journey.


Divine BioHacking personal Training

Go deeper and experience 1:1 personal Divine BioHacking Training.
This program is created according to your personal needs.

Your investment:

Basic program of 5 sessions – from 7,500 EUR
Extended program of 8 sessions – from 12,000 EUR

For booking a personal training, please email: galina@galina.earth